Who is your
Automation Hero?
Who is your Automation Hero?

Not all heroes wear capes – yet. But EazyStock is on a mission to recognise the Automation Hero in your company!

Do you have an automation hero in your organization?

Have your tasks gotten easier since a team member implemented new software? Maybe you’ve seen a rise in productivity or customer satisfaction due to a certain team member’s actions? Who has influenced you as an Automation Hero?

A true Automation Hero is someone who:

  • Recognised that a certain process wasn’t giving the ROI that it should be (maybe it was too arduous to determine forecasts for inventory items, maybe getting orders packaged and shipped was taking too long, maybe delivery trucks were taking circuitous routes and wasting time and money)
  • Researched and implemented an automation tool to help streamline this process, thus saving time, money, and headaches for the company, themselves, and their team members!

No matter who it is within your company that took the initiative, EazyStock wants to know! Tell us about the Automation Hero in your life and give them the recognition they deserve for being a trailblazer, an innovator… a hero!

Email your nomination to: social@eazystock.com, Please mention the Nominee’s name, email and reason for nomination. We will get back to you soon.

Do you want to become an automation hero?

One way to become a real automation hero is through automating your inventory! Check out our inventory optimization and automation resources to learn everything you need to take your company to the next level and become a real automation hero!
How to become the Automation Hero for your business?

Is your company struggling with managing a certain process such as supply chain or inventory management? Be the hero within your company and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks with software such as EazyStock! EazyStock provides automated inventory management to small- and mid-sized businesses struggling with effectively managing their inventory. Find out what your supply chain is missing out on without a solution bringing benefits like lower inventory levels, higher service levels, and more freed-up capital.
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